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We recommend a date that involves us directly: the International Event about Hospitality Culture “Mens-a” 2017. The meeting of Sunday, 18th June, 12.40 p.m., in Biagi Room of Baraccano complex, in Via S. Stefano 119, will be about the artistic heritage of the Charitable Institutions in Bologna. Among the speakers, the President of Santo Stefano district, Dott.ssa Rosa Maria Amorevole, and the historian of art, Milena Naldi.

There will be a free collective dining moment with products offered by Naturas√¨, and a series of speeches about the theme “actions for hospitality”. The event is held by the association “Mens-a” and the association for social promotion “Humanistic and Narration Psychology. Psychoanalysis, Art, Human Sciences” (A.P.U.N.).

In the poster of the event, the Magnanimity by Giovan Gioseffo dal Sole (1654-1719), coming from Venanti Palace and exposed to the public in La Quadreria.


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