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Friday, 23rd June, 5:00 p.m., La Quadreria by ASP Città di Bologna will inaugurate the exposition of a “revolving door” baby hatch for abandoned newborns.

In Bologna, a service for the assistance of abandoned children already existed during the 13th century, even if we do not precisely know the date of establishment of the Hospital of San Procolo, a shelter for orphans known in Bologna as “Bastardini” (lit.: “baby bastards”). The shelter was dedicated only to abandoned children until 1860, when the Maternity Ward was added to the structure, while the foundling wheel was abolished in 1873. Our foundling wheel belongs to the 19th century: it was found in the deposits of Baraccano Girls’ School and then restored by ASP. 

The choice of exposing this artifact, bearing a remarkable historical meaning, is for ASP a new occasion to promote family reception.


Mons. Matteo Zuppi – Metropolitan Archbishop 
Maria Clede Garavini – Regional guarantor for the rights of children and teenagers
Luca Rizzo Nervo – Assessor for welfare and family of the City of Bologna
Gianluca Borghi – Sole Administrator of ASP Città di Bologna
Francesca Novaco – Dean of Medicine of AUSL of Bologna
Elisabetta Scoccati – Director general and director of the services of ASP Città di Bologna
Lucia Ciammitti – already Superintendent for historical and artistic heritage (waiting for confirm)

Witnesses of hosting families will be presented.

Music and text by Teatro del Pratello: “No name, no family” with Maddalena Pasini e Antonello Manzo (cello).